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SUSTAIN VOL.2 on Navona Records

Recorded in the historic Retuda Concert Hall in Olomouc, Czech Republic by Lucie Kaucká and Pavel Zlámal, NOCTUNRE appears on an album of piano solos, duets, and trios by various composers. After recording, the duo gave a fine performance of NOCTURNE on the Parma Recordings LiveStage Recital "Music Across the Centuries" on May 27, 2020.  

Print music for NOCTURNE available here

In The Gardens - suite for Solo Piano

A Sample of the music and pictures from In The Gardens - suite for Solo Piano;

Raquel Teare, Piano


A sampler of the upcoming album Sustain Vol. 2. 

Available  on all digital platforms. 

Stream/Purchase In the Gardens on all digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. Includes Raquel Teare's performance of the piano suite plus two bonus tracks!

Praisecharts provides some of Jim's arrangements and orchestrations of popular worship songs. These charts provide your church the resources to use many configurations of Worship teams from small to full choir and orchestra.

Check out the Praise & Worship/Choral page for more info..

Original songs, custom arrangements. and orchestrations available, specifically catered to the talents and needs of your Worship Bands, Church Choirs and Orchestras.

Jim Puckett

     Jim is a career church musician and Worship Pastor in Richardson, Texas, an adjunct professor for the College of Professional and Graduate Studies at Southern Nazarene University,  and an adjunct member of the music faculty at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. 

     He has composed and arranged for a variety of settings and his music has made an  impact in modern Classical music and the Christian Praise and Worship genre.  As a composer Jim brings depth and experience to his work, writing music that is accessible and memorable, yet challenging. His works are performed around the world; receiving recognition and awards from multiple composers' organizations and the National Academy of Music.

     All of Jim’s music for the church, including original songs, hymn arrangements, choral works and orchestrations, have come out of his experience as a worship leader. Along with his passion for worship, he has developed a passion for excellence in worship ministries. "If it's for God, it should be the best that we have to offer".

     Jim is a member of the American Musicological Society, BMI, CCLI, Society of Composers. Inc., the Southeastern Composer’s League, and The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers. He has studied with Frank Wiley, Peter Fischer, Leslie Dutton, and Richard Meek. He holds a Ph.D. in Music Theory & Composition from Kent State University, M.M. from Texas Tech University, and B.A. from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  

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